Boot Camps - Summer 2014

Boot Camps are structured to be a high intensity program to promote accelerated growth for actors to move quickly to a new level in their acting. Boot Camps are limited in size to ensure that each actor has numerous opportunities to gain new insights and tools that will give them the confidence and an edge in their auditions and working.

Boot Camps vary in age ranges, but typically we will not put younger students with teens and adults. Actors will learn to assess scripts quickly and to make very quick, strong choices that they are able to execute well.

The difference between the group classes and a Boot Camp is the maximizing of results in a very short time, usually one week.  We have found that the Boot Camps are a great way to improve your acting quickly as what would take place over 6 weeks is happening in 4 days or 4 nights! Again and again, we have seen actors break through some area of acting they have been wrestling with.  For new actors, it is a great way to jump into acting to get a “taste” of what it is all about! 

We keep our classes small so that each actor has the time necessary to work on camera to hone his/her skills.  We concentrate on exercises to keep an actor open, flexible and in the moment.  We work on how they present themselves at an audition.  We strive to develop each actor’s unique gifts and talents. It is fun, competitive and always geared toward the student working in the Entertainment Industry.

Please come and join us this summer for one, two or three Boot Camps. Classes are capped at 10 students to allow enough time for each student.

Even though production can be slower in the summer months, other areas increase as more actors can make themselves available during this time. As actors, we must be ready at all times!

2014 DATES: Coming Soon!





Students 8 - 12 years old - 9:30 am - 12:30 pm

Students 13 years and older - 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm



Please contact the Studio on how to Pay (deposits will not be refunded within 7 days of your Boot Camp). 

FOR ADVANCED REGISTRATION (Payment received 10 days prior to first day of Boot Camp). Please email

Multiple Boot camp Discount - For those registering for two boot camps, take $50 off the total cost. If registering for three boot camps, there is a discount of $100 from the total of the three camps. If you are interested in multiple Boot Camps, please email the Studio at

You will then need to fill out the Registration Form - Boot Camp SU2013 with your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices.  Costs, Dates, Times, and Age Group can be found on the Registration Form. (If you are available on all the dates given please let us know. If there are only one or two of the camp dates available, let us know that. We will determine which Boot Camp Sessions we are going to hold based on the number of students participating.)

***All new students will need to schedule a one hour Initial Private Session prior to the start of the Boot Camp. Privates are $85 per 55 minute session, however, when registering for a Boot Camp the Initial Private is $50 and will not go towards your Boot Camp Fee.

Email if you still have any questions regarding registration.