Testimonials from Parents

What our actors' and actresses' parents say about the Kim Terry Studio.


My daughter, Elizabeth, has had private coaching from Kim Terry and took classes from the Kim Terry Studio for 2 ½ years. Following Kim's advice, she then updated her headshots and acquired excellent talent agents. The result was that Liz had as many auditions as we could handle in 3 short months and she has had callbacks on all of them! Tomorrow we leave for her to begin filming a lead role in her first feature film, Alabama Moon.

We can't thank Kim enough for her key role in making Elizabeth's dream of becoming a screen actress come true! Kim is honest and informative about "the business" and, as a private acting coach, patiently and enthusiastically teaches every actor or actress what he or she needs to know. To top it off, Kim is a sincere, down-to-earth, truly caring individual who strongly advocates for her students.

Linda J Jackson



My son, Kendrick, was only 10 years old when he decided he wanted to be an actor. He was referred to Kim Terry by an agent and that is when his serious development began. Kim took him under her wing and not only motivated and coached him in developing his talent, but also gave him the guidance he needed to aggressively pursue an acting career.

Kim also gave him, through her showcases, exposure to talent agents and managers in the major market places. The feedback received from those agents and managers gave him the motivation to move forward. Those contacts have helped to find representation and booking of jobs in Texas, as well as with his eventual move to Los Angeles. Kendrick has continued to build on the foundation provided by Kim not only in his acting, but also in his ability to research, network and promote himself in his career.

I would recommend Kim's classes and private coaching to anyone who is serious about pursuing an acting career. There are so many agencies that will tell you what you want to hear and misrepresent what they can do with outrageous price tags attached. Train with Kim and listen to her guidance. It works!

Thanks, Kim!!!

Daphne Sampson



Being in the Kim Terry Performance Showcase not only improved my son's acting abilities, it improved his acting career. Since doing the Kim Terry Performance Showcase, he has been asked to audition in New York, had an audition with Disney, and is starring in an Indie film.

The Kim Terry Performance Showcase is priceless.

Terri Jones (Nicky Jones' Mom)



Kim is a true professional and shows a unique ability to work with children to “nail the audition” without them knowing they are working hard! She has worked with my son Taylor over the last few years and he loves every minute of time with her. After working with Kim we always see a difference in Taylor’s results.

She is able to work with kids of all ages and provide age-appropriate activities and coaching. She is a woman of integrity and gives sound advice in an industry that is quick to compromise on moral standards. She can be counted on to be a “voice of reason” and has always been a great sounding board when we have questions. She is a blessing to our family and someone who is committed to her students and their families. We love you Kim! Thanks for always being an encourager!!!

Lara Font (Mom to Taylor, Mallory, and Madeline)



Both my children, Taylar and Brady, learned not only acting skills from Kim's classes, but they learned about themselves. My daughter is no longer shy when meeting new people and when auditioning. Her self-esteem and acting skills have dramatically improved since taking classes at the Kim Terry Studio.

My son took classes at the same time, but seemed disinterested. This was not the case, as Kim and Donna Rusch both saw his potential. Kim told me that he was a serious actor and needed to pursue acting but that he needed to be in more dramatic roles. She was absolutely right. Three weeks later, Brady landed the role as the young Perry Smith in a Warner Brothers film by Douglass McGrath, "Every Word is True," a biopic of Truman Capote's novel, In Cold Blood, cast with Sandra Bullock, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Siguorney Weaver.

Thanks to Kim Terry and Donna Rusch and their expertise. Both my children are becoming excellent young actors with positive self-esteem and worth.

Missy Hender (Brady and Taylar's Mom)



Tony's participation in Kim Terry's Performance Showcase was a wonderful and unprecedented opportunity for him to be recognized by important industry professionals in Texas, LA and New York. The lessons he has learned from Kim have helped ensure the continued success he has had with film and commercial work. His involvement with the Showcase resulted in top representation by a prominent agent in Los Angeles who will partner with Tony's wonderful agents in Houston.

Kim's unwavering faith in Tony has helped build his confidence level to the point that he is ready to reach for the stars! Kim teaches with such joy and enthusiasm and can magically adapt her teaching style to suit children or adults. Houston is fortunate to have such an experienced actress who is willing to share her talents and experiences to accelerate the careers of our local talent in whom she dearly believes. Thanks Kim!

Mary Anne Oller (Tony Oller's Mom)