Testimonials from Professionals

What Industry Professionals say about the Kim Terry Studio.


Outside of LA and NY, it can be difficult to find a good acting teacher, so I was pleasantly surprised at the high level of training actors received from The Kim Terry Studio in Houston, Texas. I shouldn't have been. 

Kim Terry knows what she is doing with actors.  Knowing her personally, she is someone you can trust in the Entertainment Industry.  She has a commitment and a passion to be involved -- helping her students make wise choices in accomplishing goals and in moving toward their acting dreams.

Judy Savage, The Savage Agency in Los Angeles, CA



Kim Terry is an excellent instructor. Her many years in the business as an actress and producer have contributed to making her the fine acting coach that she is. She has brought groundbreaking showcase events to our city that helped many young actors get prepared AND get seen by LA management teams. These events, along with her wise counsel and instruction have played an important role in the success of many Houston actors.

Jenny Bosby, Pastorini and Bosby Talent Agency in Houston, TX



Kim, A quick note to let you know how impressed I was with the Showcase. It was a first-class piece of work. The accumulation of talent you put together, the spirit you inspired, the brilliant juggling of all those people – children, parents, agents and managers – with all their conflicting desires, was something.

I was also impressed with the honesty you gave the parents. Few outside Hollywood or New York have any conception of how brutally hard it really is to break into the entertainment world. Too often they arrive with stars in their eyes in search of stars with their names on them, the ones on Hollywood Blvd. It doesn’t happen like that. Real preparation and counseling is needed. The preparation that you are giving them is more important than they will know until they actually get here.

So, congratulations. You’re doing a fine and very needed work. And when the kids who come here realize – and they will – they will love you forever.

David Paulsen, Executive Director, Dallas and Dynasty



The Kim Terry Studio provides the best preparation for actors in the country.

Paul Weber, C.S.A. with MGM Studios



To Kim and staff ...

You guys were incredible, what a show! Everyone in the show did such a terrific job. You can certainly see all of the hard work that went into the showcase, even the backstage staff, oh my gosh I have never seen people move so fast.

Pat Skiles, Houston Talent Agent, Owner - A+ Actors